Love to Create Charity is a Non-Profit Organization Committed to Supporting Youth with Intellectual Disabilities (YIDs).

Despite representing about 1% of Hong Kong’s population, individuals with intellectual disabilities are often overlooked by society.

Upon reaching adulthood and graduating from special schools or vocational training centres, these individuals and their families often face numerous challenges.


Challenges Faced by YIDs

Why is the Employment Rate for YIDs Low?

Initiative #1: Supporting StarUp Wonders Social Enterprise

There are several reasons why YIDs are often overlooked for employment opportunities. The primary factors include:

Misunderstanding of YIDs’ Abilities by Employers

While various employers express interest in hiring YIDs, the portrayal of these individuals in media and television often leads to an underestimation of their capabilities. As a result, even those who are willing to hire may only offer them entry-level positions.

Insufficient Resources for YIDs to Acclimate to the Work Environment

Given the fast-paced nature of Hong Kong’s society, YIDs often require more time than their peers to familiarize themselves with new work environments. Regrettably, the demanding pace of many workplaces does not allow for the additional time or resources needed to train YIDs, making it challenging for them to adapt

Initiative #1: Supporting StarUp Wonders Social Enterprise

We support the establishment of a bohemian, slow-paced artistic gift shop by the StarUp Wonders Social Enterprise.

The enterprise aims to employ YIDs in various roles, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment to nurture their professional skills and social abilities. Through societal engagement and skill enhancement, we aim to enrich their work experience, increase their employability in the open market, and enable them to earn a dignified income.

Visit the StarUp Wonders Website

Initiative #2: Artistic Empowerment

Art serves as a powerful medium for expressing emotions. Despite potential language barriers, YIDs, like everyone else, experience a range of emotions and concerns. Unexpressed emotions can lead to psychological distress, making art an invaluable, language-independent outlet.

Love to Create Charity leverages the transformative power of art, enabling YIDs and their caregivers to articulate their emotions and thoughts.

We offer diverse art training programs aimed at uncovering the artistic potential of YIDs. By promoting inclusive art, we invite everyone to appreciate, create, and discover unique forms of beauty.

Initiative #3: Life and Death Education

In many societies, discussions around life and death are often avoided. Recognizing this, Love to Create Charity is committed to promoting life and death education.Our goal is to empower youth with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers with knowledge on

Life education, Aging planning, Lllness support, and Posthumous arrangements.

By doing so, we aim to alleviate confusion around these topics and equip them with the confidence to face life’s challenges with a positive and proactive attitude.

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